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Sustainable wellness and peace begins with the most empowering form of past life regression therapy: The Past Life Regression Center® De-Hypnosis Method with Dr. Thomas Paul. End your depression, anxiety, sexual/pregnancy problems, career/relationship struggles and the cause of sickness at its roots; its emotional-unconscious sources using the power of your own healing mind.

Dr. Thomas Paul, a past life regression therapist and the founder of Past Life Regression Center(PLRC), will enable you to thoroughly self-heal and thrive. Our rates are affordable. They’re significantly lower than what most therapy centers charge but with us you will achieve lasting, real results!

Dr. Thomas Paul is one of the leading expert in past life regression therapy and mind-body healing arts. He will encourage you to free yourself of unconscious limitations, resulting in conscious living, healthier relationships, and a fulfilling business and family life.

Dr. Paul provides an efficient, comprehensive de-hypnosis method with tangible results. By resolving any unconscious confusion from prenatal/birth experiences, surgeries, and past lives, you will consistently feel vibrant and inspired with an aligned, balanced mind and lifestyle.

Dr. Thomas Paul's expertise is in facilitating consciousness and the self-actualization of goals. His proprietary, de-hypnosis process (meaning you’re already “hypnotized” and simply need to resolve your past in a “focused-state”), will enable you to end emotional reinforcements to pain or addictions. The Past Life Regression Center's advanced method releases the unconscious reasons for problems, which are emotionally and traumatically reinforced via the unconscious (aka subconscious) mind.

Start today by booking an appointment for Past Life Regression Center® Hypnotherapy Services, which are available as in-person sessions at our Los Angeles (West Hollywood), CA location. If you're unable to meet with Dr. Thomas Paul, then book a phone/Skype package. Our clients report remarkable successes when working with Dr. Paul, even through distance therapy.

Past life regression therapy, when using de-hypnosis, is an essential tool for emotional/physical, spiritual healing on a cellular and soul level. It motivates you to create and attract your definition of happiness and peace. Past Life Therapy sessions with Dr. Thomas Paul will substantially improve this life and beyond.

Resolve the root cause for attracting mindbody-related ailments, relationship problems, or career challenges with The Past Life Regression Center® De-Hypnosis Method.

EXPLORE a life of possibilities. INVEST in your infinite soul because you deserve a peaceful, healthful, loving and joyful existence.
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PLTC Client 72614 (With Consent) Chapter 2: Medical Doctor Resolves Past Lives With Dr. Thomas Paul of Past Life Therapy Center-Past Life Regression-Skype

Please read Chapter 1 ( if this is your first time learning about PLTC Case 72614 (With Consent).

Chapter 2: 72614j-Skype (prenatal rape, present-life birth),72614k/72614l-(Training Since Age 5 to Become a #Barbarian/Murderer)

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Chapter 2):

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PLTC Case 72614 (Past Lives Therapy sessions with Dr. Thomas Paul). Case 72614 involves a female medical doctor who has been struggling with various ailments and personal obstacles. She's tried many renowned healing modalities with limited results or temporary relief.  Her chronic issues, besides from those mentioned in the blog title, include multiple infections, asthma and an unconscious propensity for miscarriages. She's also battled eating disorders (anorexia, digestion issues) and heavy metal toxicity, e.g., mercury poisoning.  Prior to therapy, she has had four sexual assaults/rapes. She's finally experiencing resolution through PLTC's Advanced De-Hypnosis Method. 

@DrThomasPaul Some people want their path out of struggle to be shared for inspiration, others never want their #history revealed. #Privacy is a #right. [Retweet this.]


Big Pharma controls most medical doctors. MDs are indoctrinated by corrupt pharmaceutical companies (most of which have been sued multiple times for fraud). Most MDs aren’t taught holistic remedies or to develop their intuition but to be obedient medical servants or risk losing their job or future promotions. They’re taught little about vaccines or drugs; they’re just told to prescribe them by what have become medical cartels of mass confusion and greed. 

Circumcision Facts

Here you will read Circumcision Facts With Popular/Important Tweets by Dr. Thomas Paul (@DrThomasPaul and @PLTC_PastLives):

For full case study from Past Life Therapy Center® with Featured Thesis from St. John's University Law Student and Leading Medical Experts in Circumcision Facts, visit: or

There you will find one of the most comprehensive case studies available anywhere for logical minds who demand to know the truth about circumcision. 

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